Melhus Soul Children


We are part of the Soul Children movement in Norway. In Melhus we have three choirs for children and youth; Melhus Soul Kids (1th grade – 4th grade), Melhus Soul Children (from 5th grade) and Melhus Soul Teens (from 10th grade). Melhus Soul Children started 5 September 2007, Melhus Pre Soul Children in autumn 2008 and Melhus Soul Teens in autumn 2009.

In 2008 we released our first CD «Kom» (Come). The CD «FEST» was released in 2012.

All exercises are normally in the main hall at Melhus chapel (Melhus Bedehus). You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions. More information about the various choirs, see the menu at the top of the page (in Norwegian).


Soul Children consept

Soul Children in Norway is a choir movement for kids in the age group raging from 5 to 19. All music is written and produced for the movement. All the lyrics has a positive content, representing the styles RnB, pop, rock, soul and gospel. We sing in both Norwegian and English.

Our wish trough this consept to engage more children and teens in Christian ministry. Our most important goal is to win and maintain kids and teenagers through music and song in their own expression. The vision is that the Soul Children movement will inspire and give birth to new ideas when it comes to ministry involving kids and youths, and to have them establish Soul Children choirs all around Norway (the world).

Ragnhild Hiis Aanestad is the musical leader and the originator of Oslo Soul Children. She is the promoter of the Soul Children Festival and founder of the Soul Children movement, which is the most growing choir-movement in Norway – with many local choirs. Read more.

Oslo Soul Children is the pilot choir for the movement that develops and tests what would work musically, spiritually and socially. Oslo Soul Children has performed for the King, the Queen and the «Prime Minister” of Norway on several occasions. They have aslo performed with artists like Josh Groban, Kirk Frankilin, Tim «Bishop» Brown, Dr. Dee, Generation J, Jump5, PureNRG, Maria Haukaas Storeng, Christian Ingebrigtsen.

See Soul Children presentation on Youtube
Link to the Soul Children movement



Our music rehearsals are at Melhus bedehus in the center of Melhus, Lenavegen 50.



«To win and maintain kids and teenagers
through music and song in their own expression!